As a business owner you’re always trying to maximize ROI on everything. From your production costs to your overhead to your supply chain. One overlooked area may be your marketing.

You could be wasting thousands of dollars in ads and only capturing a fraction of the value. Many businesses still run profitable direct marketing campaigns, but don’t even realize how much better it can be.

How can you tell?

I have a simple question for you… Is the ad you’re running about you or about your audience?

If the ad is asking them to buy your product or service you’re doing it wrong. This is the digital version of junk mail.

Salesforce’s research says that it takes 6 to 8 touch points before a sale is made. Only a fraction of people that are going to see your “buy now” ad will become your customer immediately. You’re going to have to pay 6 to 8 more times to reach them before they do eventually buy.

A HUGE waste of budget!

But what if you didn’t have to pay for them? What if I told you there is a way to spend ad money ONCE to build a database of potential customers that you can market to all year without spending another dime in ad spend?

My next post will walk you through it.