In my last post I warned you about why you should not directly advertise your product on social media. I called it digital junk mail.

You should NOT be trying to make a sale with your ad.

If you are spending advertising dollars to directly drive sales, you’re doing it wrong.

So what should you be doing instead? You should focus on growing a database of potential customers.

Let me offer you two options:

Option 1, you spend $1,000 on Facebook showing an ad for your product hoping to make sales and maybe if you’re lucky convert 1% of your visitors into customers. Most people scrolled right past your ad and the visitors that didn’t buy are gone. And all you got was 10 sales. Maybe you can reach the people that visited with another ad again if you pay for it. Maybe.

Option 2, you spend the same $1,000 on Facebook. But you don’t expect any sales. Instead you focus on giving the audience what THEY want. For FREE. Weird huh? I’m insane. Or am I? First, I got more people to look at my ad. They didn’t ignore it because it’s actually interesting. Second, I got WAY more conversions. Instead of getting a 1% sales conversion and nothing else, I got a 30% or even 50% conversion rate of contact information. All those people that would have visited and not bought… I got them. And because I have them I can now send them personalized emails FOR FREE. And for the same $1,000 I close 3% or 30 sales.

And that’s not all… There are PLENTY of other people on that list who will eventually be my customer. They just weren’t ready that moment. Or they forgot. Or they needed more convincing. I will close 20% this year for the same $1,000 ad spend. That’s 200 customers.

So which would you choose?

Maybe I’m not crazy after all…